Thursday, October 10, 2013

The not so pleasant Battle of Point Pleasant

L to R: White Eyes (Shawnee), Blue Jacket (Shawnee), The Prophet (Shawnee), Tecumseh (Shawnee), Cornstalk (Shawnee), Little Turtle (Miami), Chief Logan (Mingo), Pontiac (Ottawa)
Today is the 239th anniversary of the Battle of Point Pleasant. The Shawnee under Chief Cornstalk on October 10th 1774 attempted to head off an invasion of the Ohio Country by Virginia militiamen. The Shawnee didn't win but they put up a good fight. Cornstalk is the fella in the middle here in my beloved 1955 Bonded Oil Famous Ohio Indian tumblers. Future leader Blue Jacket was there as well as Pukeshinwa, the father of another future leader, Tecumseh. It was at this battle Tecumseh's father died and influenced his life greatly and was then raised by his older brother. It should be noted that none of these frosted glasses are historically accurate.