Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A quick recap of April thus far...

April 3rd, 1974

An F5 Tornado hit Xenia OH killing 33, injuring thousands, leaving 10,000 homeless and removed half that city from the map. The very mention of this event strikes fear in most Southwestern Ohioans who were alive when this occurred.

April 4th, 1841

William Henry Harrison, an adopted Buckeye like myself, died one month after taking office as President. They said he was too old (68) and sickly. I guess they were right. It's too bad he is usually only remembered for this as he had an impressive resume and life.

April 7th, 1788

The first permanent US settlement is made in the Northwest Territory by General Rufus Putnam and 48 men who named their city "Marietta" after Queen Marie Antoinette of France in honor of that countries support during the Revolutionary War.
By 1843, a little over a half-century later, no Indian tribes would remain in Ohio.

April 7th, 1792

Following his defeat at the hand of Indians in the Northwest Territory, Arthur St. Clair resigned from the United States Army. He would stay on as Governor and become one of my favorite follies.